Eyelash Extensions in Manhattan

If you have been considering enhancing your natural lashes with beautiful, dramatic eyelash extensions, then look no further. At H3 Hair Salon, we specialize in the application of high-quality, natural-looking eyelash extensions for any style. We are conveniently located in Manhattan where we have enjoyed providing the community with high-quality salon services for many years. We can do extensions that have a dramatic flare, a subtle softness or anything in between. Our skilled and licensed eyelash technicians are qualified estheticians with lots of experience in their field. Our commitment to a high standard of service and consistency is the foundation of our company!

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Types of Lashes

Before your eyelash extension application, one of our estheticians will help determine the right kind of eyelash extension for you based on the natural length and texture of your lashes, your budget, your lifestyle and your goals. There are many different types of extensions to choose from in Manhattan. We have natural mink or synthetic, depending on your preference. The mink ones are a little pricier. They are acquired by harvesting hairs from brushing the animal. Silk and synthetic ones are more affordable than natural mink and tend to last longer. With proper care, eyelash extensions are known to last for up to six weeks!

Caring for Your Extensions

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you are taking care of your extensions. Firstly, avoid rubbing, tugging and pulling at them. Our Manhattan estheticians always recommend that our clients do not wear mascara. Not only is it not necessary, as the extension gives enough natural definition, it can cause them to clump and stick together and the removal process is hard on your delicate extensions. If you do insist on wearing mascara, there are many mascaras that are available on the market that are suitable for lash extensions and do not damage them. When your are removing your makeup, make sure to use an oil-free remover and gently wipe your lashes—you don’t want to accidentally rip them out. For more information, consult one of our Manhattan lash experts!

After your lashes are in place, it is best to get into the habit of brushing them out with a clean mascara wand. This does two things—firstly, it ensures that they do not tangle. As your natural lashes grow out, the false extensions add weight to the natural lash and sometimes it causes them to twist and tangle. Brushing them regularly avoids this. Secondly, it stimulates the natural hair follicle of your eyelash so that it avoids any breakage and damage that may occur when your eyelashes are growing out.

To find out more about our high-quality lash extensions, or to book an appointment for an application, call our salon today. Our friendly salon team members look forward to answering any of your questions and helping you achieve those long, luscious lashes that you’ve always dreamed of!

The Eyelash Extension Process

Only the most skilled, steady hands can perfectly apply eyelash extensions which is why we are particular with who we add to our team. Every talented team member is detail oriented and trained to follow a meticulous application process. We are devoted to facilitating a comfortable environment, so our salon is regularly cleaned to remove dirt or oil lingering from each previous session. When you sit in one of our chairs, you will be blown away by the degree of cleanliness and friendliness you will be surrounded by during the process.

During your session, you will be paired with a lash expert who will begin the process once they get you comfortably seated. When your lashes are prepared, the technician will dip individual lashes into a medical-grade adhesive and bond them to your natural eyelash. They will work with one lash at a time to ensure your lash extensions look natural. To speed up the preparation process and provide lasting results, we encourage you to arrive with a fresh makeup-free face.

How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Depending on a few key factors, eyelash extensions will last four-six weeks. Since the extensions are glued to your natural lashes, they will need to be removed or touched up at the end of the natural growth cycle, which is, on average, six weeks. Helping add to their value, we recommend using a lash extension to extend their life and help them maintain a soft, clean look.

In addition, we always stress the importance of maintenance once you leave our salon. Our top tips are to avoid rubbing, pulling, and wearing mascara on their eyelash extensions, as these habits will only diminish their quality.

Our Tips to Enjoy Fuller Eyelashes

It's important to note that while eyelash extensions are designed to enhance your natural lashes, they require ongoing maintenance to preserve their quality and visual appeal. Here are our top tips to help you enjoy your lashes for longer:

  • Brush them daily with an eyelash brush
  • Wash them with a designated eyelash extension cleanser
  • Don't apply mascara. If so, it cannot be waterproof
  • Don't pick at them or fluff them with your fingers
  • Don't sleep on them if at all possible
  • Never use an eyelash curler on them

When you come to our salon, our technician will revisit these tips, so you go home confident with your new lashes and knowledge!

Discover the Best Look For Your Lashes

We know every client has unique expectations, and we want to meet them, no matter what. To that end, we offer a full range of eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses, and colors, from various high-quality brands. We customize lashes to create fuller looks to help you make an entrance on a special occasion. If you're looking for a professional opinion, our estheticians can advise you on the most suitable length and thickness according to the condition and type of your natural lashes. When you choose our salon, one thing is for sure: you will leave feeling and looking as confident as ever!

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