Expert Bridal Makeup Services for Queens

A wedding day should be filled with joy, excitement and delight. It should not be affected by stress, confusion and disappointment. Makeup is an important aspect of your wedding day look. It completes an outfit and makes everybody look beautiful, confident and put together. If your makeup is not on point everything else just seems out of place. It is best to place the responsibility of makeup in the hands of a professional. This is precisely where we come in. At H3 Hair Salon, we provide portable, expert makeup services. We can service an entire bridal party out of the comfort of your hotel or dressing room. We can accommodate a variety of looks, styles and themes. Our versatile team of professionals are licensed and trained in the art of makeup and have years of experience working events both large and small.

Wedding Makeup for Every Season

It can be difficult to come up with a definitive “look” for your wedding. Prior to your wedding day, you will partake in a private consultation with your makeup artist conveniently located in Queens. During your consultation, you and your makeup artist will discuss the different inspirations, visuals and ideas behind your wedding to help determine potential color schemes and looks. A great way to think about color schemes is by considering the season that your wedding will take place.


Spring weddings take place in the months of March to June when the flowers are in bloom and the weather is easy and mild. Spring brings up images of greenery, florals and colorful bounty. A great color palette for spring is anything with blue undertones. Think pinks, lavenders, greens and pastels. These can be easily incorporated into makeup looks that match the table settings and flower bouquets.


Summer weddings take place from late June to late August. Summer nights are easy-going, balmy and filled with laughter and joy. Summer sunsets bring up images of bright sunshine, tropical flowers, fruits and water. Many beach weddings take place in the summer. Our Queens experts feel that summer wedding makeup should be kept easy and minimal, so that the bride can enjoy herself and not worry too much about touch-ups.


Autumn weddings are the most versatile when it comes to makeup. Autumnal harvest season is rich with maroons, oranges, golds and yellows. This essentially translates to neutral tones, which compliment almost any skin tone. Neutral tones subtly define and accentuate facial features without looking too over-the-top.


Winter weddings are classic. They are accented well with pearl tones, rich reds, black and white. Winter weddings carry out “retro” themes particularly well. A classic statement red lip, subtle cat eye and pearly highlight is a great look for this season and would match perfectly with a traditional bouquet of red roses.

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