Haircuts For Queens

H3 Hair Salon is Queens’s trusted source for beautiful, cutting-edge haircuts. Our licensed and experienced hair stylists are skilled at creating an array of styles to suit all our valued, unique clients. We notice that our clients are happiest when they feel that their hairstyle captures a certain style, mood or concept. The following is information that you can use to help you determine your hair texture and what style you think would suit you best.

Common Hair Textures

There are three basic hair textures: wavy, straight and curly. With each type of texture comes a thickness. Straight hair is usually fine, wavy hair is usually medium-thick and curly hair is usually coarse and thick. Our Queens hair care experts will be sure to let you know the right products and hair care techniques to ensure that your hair is looking healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Haircut Ideas

What feeling do you want to capture with your hairstyle? The following are some “moods” that could inspire you to think about the type of haircut you desire.


Long, blunt-edged hair that can be teased into a beehive or a 1950s-style bob are two examples of timeless retro-inspired looks that are perfect for any hair texture. These looks are a fun way to incorporate a blast from the past into your signature look.


Modern haircuts are all the rage in Queens. These haircuts usually have many layers and a textured effect. Think asymmetrical bob meets rock and roll-style fringe. These styles are fun, flirty and low-maintenance for the modern girl on the go!


Think of all the classic silver screen starlets—they all sported a signature haircut that ended up becoming a classic. Whichever style speaks to you, let one of our Queens hair experts know and they will be sure to give you a signature classic cut of your very own.


Expressing your unique personality through your hair is a great way to show off your creativity to the world. There are many unique and fun hairstyles to choose from. A punk classic is the “Chelsea,” where everything but the bangs and sideburns are shaved off. A mohawk is another bold statement that looks edgy and fun. For something a little subtler, consider asking your Queens hairstylist to dry-cut your hair for a graphic, edgy look. This can be done in sections, such as with your bangs, or can be done straight across the bottom length of your hair which causes a blunt effect.

Speak With a Hairstylist at H3 Hair Salon

Whatever your desired effect is with your hair, do not hesitate to call our H3 Hair Salon hair experts. We are eager to find a style that works perfectly for your budget and lifestyle! We will gladly answer any questions that you may have about pricing and schedule you an appointment.