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Transform Your Hair with a Keratin Treatment from H3 Hair Salon

Many people suffer from unruly hair that takes way too long to style. Mornings can be a real drag when you have to get up half an hour early just to style your hair. Luckily, there is an effective solution. At H3 Hair Salon, we specialize in keratin treatments and other hair treatments. Our licensed, experienced hair technicians are skilled at the application of the keratin formula, and have transformed many heads of hair in. The following are some frequently asked questions about keratin treatments that you may find useful if you are considering investing in a treatment of your own.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

Say goodbye to unruly hair for good. If a long, smooth, luxurious mane of straight or curly hair is your goal, you should consider the many benefits keratin hair treatment has to offer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Strengthening capabilities due to additional keratin providing a protective layer along your hair shaft
  • Your hair will appear silky, soft, and smooth
  • Your curls will look more defined and well put together with little effort on your behalf
  • Your hair will appear thicker-looking
  • You can revive damaged hair by making it less porous and susceptible to breakage
  • Keratin treatments lock in hair color for longer
  • You can say goodbye to frizz, even in humid conditions
  • Your hair becomes more manageable and effortless

Consult with our expert stylists to determine whether your hair is a good candidate for keratin hair treatments. Call to reserve our next appointment today.

In Search of a Hair Smoothing Treatment to Combat Frizz?

If you've spent most of your life searching for a hair smoothing treatment to combat the nightmare that frizz can bring, you're not alone. Many clients struggle with frizzy hair, even when humidity is not part of the equation. When your hair works against you with a fresh crop of frizz, it can be difficult and time-consuming to style in the morning.

We solve this problem with hair smoothing treatment lasting up to 4 months with proper maintenance and care. Schedule a risk-free consultation with one of our top-rated stylists to learn more about the science behind keratin infusions and how they strengthen and protect each strand of hair.

Home of the Most Attractive Keratin Treatment Prices

Upkeep for your hair can be demanding on the wallet, but it doesn't have to be. Our industry-leading stylists are proud to offer you some of the most competitive keratin treatment prices in our area. Our goal is to make it easier for you to access the products you need to have a great hair day every day.

Typically, our treatments are priced to consider:

  • The amount of product needed to coat your hair thoroughly
  • Whether you have long or short hair
  • And how much time it takes our stylists to complete the service
  • Whether you'd like a blowout and style after the treatment is completed

Are you curious how much of a difference our keratin products make? We invite you to browse our website's gallery page to see examples of our work. In addition to checking out our previous work, you're always welcome to reach us by phone or email with any questions. Get in touch today for more details.

Keratin Hair Treatment for Men

Some of our clients wonder if keratin hair treatment is appropriate for men, and we're glad you asked. Our smoothing keratin is the right choice for both men and women and is well-known for significantly improving most hair types.

Don't be afraid to contact our hair care professionals to discuss your hair and the benefits your hair type could receive from each of our different treatment types. Call today to schedule a non-committal consultation.

What exactly is a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that infuses your hair with keratin. Your hair is already made up of keratin, so this process aids in combating hair that lacks substantial amounts of keratin and as a result is porous. Porous hair follicles are hard to work with and cause frizz, breakage, knots and tangles.

Who is keratin not suitable for?

Keratin treatment are not suitable for people with fine, straight hair. To find out more about treatments for this type of hair texture, call our salon and speak with a team member!

How long does a keratin treatment last for?

The great thing about a keratin treatment is that it can last up to 4 months. However, many factors play into the longevity of your particular treatment. Lifestyle factors such as how often you sweat, shampoo and swim can all effect how long your particular treatment lasts. To ensure best results, our team of professionals always recommend that you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner after you receive your treatment.

Should I color my hair before or after my keratin treatment?

If you are going to color your hair, always color it before your keratin treatment. A keratin treatment will act as a protective layer around your hair follicle, not letting any color in or out. After you receive your keratin treatment, you can enjoy a long-lasting color as well.

What can I expect from my keratin treatment?

You can expect, shinier hair with much less frizz. The ultimate benefit of this treatment is hair that is more manageable. Essentially, your styling time will be cut in half, saving you much more time in the morning.

If done correctly, a keratin treatment can transform your hair for the better. At H3 Hair Salon, our hair technicians are licensed and trained experts in their field. We only use salon standard products that are free of harsh chemicals. We always treat each client with a careful attention to detail so as to do the best job possible each and every time.

To schedule your appointment or to find out more about the services we offer at our salon, call us today to speak with one of our friendly representatives. We can’t wait to help you transform your hair into shiny, frizz free magic!

H3 Hair Salon Keratin Treatment

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